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You are either grieving for the loss of a loved one or you are soon to be facing your own death. You might also have death anxiety, know someone who is having a tough time with death, or want to know what to expect with death. This website is dedicated as a resource for you. Hopefully, this site can help you understand, grieve, find comfort, find inspiration and strength, find information, and let you know you are not alone on this journey. Death touches everyone in a profound and unique way. Select from the menu above or one of the links in this paragraph to help us get you where you need to be. We hope you can discover joy again soon.

photo by J. Fredrick Clark

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There are no words that will take away your grief and pain and make you feel completely happy, but we hope we can offer you something that helps you get to a spot where you can experience joy once again.



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About Us

>Why do we do what we do? Here you will also find our privacy notice, disclaimer, and contact page.



>Are you grieving for the death of a loved on, or are you soon to be facing your own death? Here you will find what to expect, the stages of grief, and how to move past your current situation.



>What additional information can we help you with? Here we discuss the spiritual side of death as well as suggestions on helpful ways to cope with death anxiety.


Finding Comfort

>How do you find comfort and relief from grief? Here we will answer that question with helpful resource suggestions.



>What other resources do we provide? Here we will provide other miscellaneous resources for information not covered in other areas such as funeral etiquette, a post-death checklist, and product offerings such as sympathy flowers and gifts.



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